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Project details

Healthcare Technologies

Mobile Application with AR functionality

Device/type of solution:

The problem

Our client wanted to find a way to reach a wide audience and offer cost-effective chiropractic treatment and pain management exercises.

Some people find it hard to visit a chiropractor due to a wide range of reasons. Our client’s aim is to give affordable and accessible treatment to anyone with access to a smartphone.

The solution needed to be able to scan a person and determine if they have poor postural alignment using only their mobile phone.

The solution

We developed a mobile application that scans a user’s body with motion tracking software. The app plots specific points on a person’s body and assesses their postural alignment.

If the user is out of alignment, they are prescribed exercises to help bring them back into alignment and manage pain.

The app also visually shows the user their misalignment using the augmented reality feature. The scan data is fed into an AR skeleton that shows which joints are misaligned.

The results

The app is available to download on the App Store and the Play Store.

The app has already been downloaded by a large number of users and is successfully being used to help people with postural issues and pain management.

What our client had to say about us

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