Genieverse – Metaverse Platform

Genieverse - Metaverse Platform

Project details

Swansea University

Metaverse Platform

Device/type of solution:
Desktop and Oculus Quest 2

The problem

After a successful VR prototype project, our client wanted a way to deliver their well-being interventions to a much wider audience.

Due to COVID putting restrictions on running well-being sessions, these interventions needed to be 100% virtual, interactive and immersive.

The solution

We developed a metaverse platform with multi-user networking sessions allowing patients to join either anonymously or as themselves. Users can attend 1-2-1 sessions or group activities.

The environment is fully interactive and has areas where users can take part in specially designed well-being games.

The platform makes use of both live sessions run by healthcare practitioners and prerecorded sessions which users can revisit any time they wish.

The results

The platform is still in closed testing with a group of test patients.

We are running weekly sessions for pre-enrolled users and gathering data on the effectiveness of a metaverse platform for well-being and mental health treatments.

What our client had to say about us

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