Meditation Island

Meditation Island

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Project details

Swansea University

Virtual Reality meditation experience

Device/type of solution:
Oculus Quest 1 & Oculus Quest 2

The problem

Our client at Swansea University wanted to visualise their Genial research conducted by the Health and Wellbeing team at the university.

The research is aimed at people who are suffering from mental health and well-being issues.

The meditation exercises they have created from this research range from simple to complex breathing exercises.

The problem Swansea University researchers faced was instructing test patients on how to perform the breathing and meditation exercises.

The solution

We created a VR experience built for the Oculus Quest 1 & 2.

The experience is a virtual tropical island where users are guided around the island by an avatar called Genie. At the top of the island is a meditation area which has guided meditation sessions users can take part in.

This is the first virtual solution that integrates the Wim Hof Method into a VR experience.

The results

The experience is currently being used in the research department to assess how effective VR can be for patients.

We are building upon this experience to add more meditation exercises and will be turning this experience into a standalone Metaverse experience.

What our client had to say about us

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