Pharmaceutical Roleplay Training

Pharmaceutical Roleplay Training

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Project details

NHS Wales (Cwm Taff Helth Board)

A roleplaying training platform for pharmacists

Device/type of solution:
Desktop application

The problem

Before COVID-19, part of the training for pharmacists was to take part in roleplaying sessions to gain experience in dealing with patients.

Due to COVID-19, these roleplaying sessions could not be conducted face to face due to isolation rules.

These sessions are vital for gaining softer skills when dealing with patients and developing confidence in challenging situations.

The solution

We created a webcam-based conferencing platform that can run roleplaying sessions complete with scripts, prompts and a medication dispensing toolset.

Students can be assigned training sessions or set up their own practice sessions with other students.

Session data is then saved so assessors can access and assign grades and give feedback on how the trainee performed.

The results

The application is currently being used to virtually train pharmacists at NHS Cwm Taf.

Results already show a vast improvement in information retention when using our platform over conventional virtual sessions.

What our client had to say about us

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