Training at heights VR experience

Training at heights VR experience

Project details

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VR training experience

Device/type of solution:
Oculus Quest

The problem

Our client was working with one of the largest scaffolding companies in the UK. The problem that the end client was facing was that training operatives at extreme heights is a very expensive process.

The end client wanted to look at different ways they could simulate working at extreme heights without needing to hire giant warehouses and kitting them out with the equipment needed for the training.

The solution

We developed a VR experience that transported operatives to the top of a large building. Once the operative was at the top, they were asked to perform several tasks such as tightening bolts and moving equipment around.

The solution was developed for the Oculus Quest and was tested on 50 different operatives at different levels in their career.

The results

This VR solution was created to research if using VR can supplement training at heights. The solution was run over the course of 3 months and was tested on 50 different operatives.

The results showed that the VR experience successfully simulated working at heights to a good degree. It is currently being used as the introductory part of the training program to allow trainees to get the feel of working at extreme heights.

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